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19 October 2017

Q&A with Brooke Campbell

Mid-September the New Zealand International Convention Centre (NZICC) welcomed Brooke Campbell to the team in the role of Sales Manager - Australia. We wanted to get an insight into her experience representing the other side of the Pacific and what surprised her the most about Auckland and the NZICC .

Tell us a bit about yourself and your role with NZICC

I have worked within the Business Events industry for over 15 years. My last role was with the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre where I spent five years working on conferences, exhibitions and associations business. I love working in the MICE industry – the people are really different to any other industry and every day is always exciting!

My day to day role with the NZICC will see me working as the key point of contact for our Australian clients and helping them with what they need to bring their business over to Auckland. This could be partnerships with Tourism New Zealand, funding assistance, or helping clients understand all the opportunities available here in Auckland.

What motivated you to take on this role with the NZICC?

I am really excited to be part of the team that will be delivering a new venue and business. In my first week, I was inducted into how the NZICC was designed by the business events industry collaboratively, alongside the team of architects – which is pretty inspiring. I am really confident that our clients will be thrilled with our business delivery model, along with the level of flexibility the venue will offer.

I also think there are some really easy wins for us. Auckland is so close, people often underestimate just how quick it is to fly to Auckland, and then get around once they arrive. It is only a 3-hour flight from Sydney and a 3.5-hour flight from Melbourne. From my experience it’s really easy getting here, through Auckland airport and the 40 minute drive to the CBD. Before you know it, you are sipping a lovely wine on the viaduct watching the boats and ocean.

You spent a week in Auckland, what did you enjoy the most?

What I really love about Auckland is that it is such a dynamic city, it is bigger than I expected.

Similar to Melbourne, there is amazing food and lots of secret spots for incredible cocktails. The markets have fresh local produce and talented chefs delivering world class food. Great coffee too (being a Melbourne coffee snob).

Brooke Campbell, Geoff Wicks and Prue Rodgers visit the NZICC construction site.
It’s an exciting city, growing at a rapid pace. There is a lot of development around, I was taken on to the construction site in my first week, then up the Sky Tower to see Auckland from a totally unique point of view and the city is full of cranes – I’m most excited to see some new luxury hotel offerings coming in to the city.
Auckland is very welcoming as a city, and the people are friendly. I enjoyed walking around the waterfront which is so close to everything in the city. The Viaduct is a wonderful place to explore, when I go back I will be looking for my new "local" favourite places to wine and dine.

In your opinion, what sets the NZICC apart from other convention centres?

It’s a really versatile venue. The ability to host 1,000 - 2,000 people nicely in a brand new premium venue is fantastic.

The building was designed really well for the market. There was a lot of care taken during the design phase to incorporate the feedback from industry leaders, for example, the loading facilities will accommodate trucks to drive straight in allowing for an easy pack in. There will also two ten tonne truck lifts, which is a direct response to the feedback from suppliers.

There is an abundance of windows all around the centre, allowing natural light and views across the city. The NZICC is in a fantastic location. It’s really close to a growing list of amenities and accommodation options. There is even a hotel connected to the site.

I am really enjoying selling a destination, not just a venue.

What does your schedule look like for the months ahead? Are there any events that we will see you at?

I’m going to Sydney at end of October for some sales calls.

November is the PCOA conference in the Gold Coast, it’s a great opportunity to network with industry.

I am based in Melbourne and am available at any time to discuss what the NZICC has to offer if you miss me in Sydney or the Gold Coast.

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