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22 June 2018

Getting to know Tanya Dustin

A little over a month ago Tanya Dustin joined the New Zealand International Convention Centre (NZICC) in the role of Sales Manager - National Associations and Government. We have enjoyed Tanya's bubbly personality and wanted to get to know her a little better.

How did you end up working at the NZICC?

I have worked within the Tourism Industry for a number of years with roles at Ansett NZ (remember fluffy the drowned cat??), Hotels, Travel Management, Events and Conventions. The last four years have been with SKYCITY Auckland Convention Centre as National Sales Manager – Association and Government.

Having been part of a pre-opening team before with Ansett (1st aircraft had not even arrived in the country and there were no airbridges), I’m now selling some concrete and metal still rising from the ground. Knowing just how amazing and wonderful the venue will be and how ground breaking it will be for tourism in New Zealand really excites me!

What is the day-to-day like for the National Associations and Government sales manager?

I'm the key point of contact for the New Zealand market in association and government. This means that I get to share the message of the NZICC. I feel proud and privileged being able to represent such an iconic building/milestone in Auckland. A venue that supports tourism, employment and engages with New Zealand knowledge sectors. A building that will stand out, fit for purpose, flexible and full of natural light. Education of emerging leaders in the association/not for profit sector is also part of my role.

Although not strictly in my job description, I see part of my job as keeping the team amused with my slightly off beat quirks and bringing a smile a day!

What have you been up to since you started?

I've been a busy little beaver … sapping as much knowledge on the build, facilities and flexible meeting spaces that the NZICC will offer.

Tayna Dustin and Sheena Zheng onsite at NZICC

A site visit of the build to see first-hand the scale of the venue and progress being made really brought the plans and renders to life.

In Wellington I was lucky enough to attend an AuSAE symposium and meet with some association leaders and listen to some talented speakers. It was a busy day as I also attended an ACB Cocktail Function in Wellington to showcase Auckland and the NZICC.

MEETINGS 2018 was a huge week for the team and myself with the launch of the Art Programme. A highlight was the interest not only from customers about the NZICC, but from trade on the development. There is a buzz and excitement surrounding the NZICC, which is great to be a part of. It’s always nice to connect with the people you meet and see at MEETINGS. So many joyous familiar faces to share a laugh or two with and provide help, assistance or solutions to. Oh and grooving down at the 80’s afterparty and the oysters -oh the oysters!

What's coming up?

Garrick and myself will be heading to Christchurch on the 26th June and I will be carrying on to Wellington on the 27th. Do connect with me if you would like us to visit and take you through the NZICC offerings.

The interest in NZICC is significant and we are seeing companies starting to register interest in dates from 2020 on. Our interactive model is available online and is a great way for you to discover the flexibility of the NZICC and how it can accommodate events of any size. I am happy to walk people through the model and can set up a time to do a screen share on the phone or in person if in Auckland.

Looking forward to seeing you all onsite at the NZICC!

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