12 December 2018

The NZICC are thrilled to be partnering with Nanogirl Labs Ltd for the Nanogirl Live tour, which has 22 shows across New Zealand. This tour features Dr Michelle sharing with the youth of New Zealand her passion for science, technology and engineering.

The NZICC is sponsoring 10 'pay it forward' tickets for every show to help ensure kids aren’t missing out. The team at Nanogirl Labs are aiming to address education inequality and have worked with with local charities in giving children the opportunity to attend using the NZICC 'pay it forward' tickets, one parent in New Plymouth said:

“My 7 year old daughter was jumping up and down out of her seat with excitement during the whole show. At one point she turned to me, glowing and said excitedly "It's science!". Thanks so much for giving her (and me) a taste of how thrilling STEM can be.”

This partnership for us is important as the work Michelle does in enabling young minds to grow, question and experiment is something we see as being key in the future success of New Zealand, creating more of the world class scientists, researchers and spokespeople that we are famous for.

See below a video from Michelle she sent us while on her special tour bus which is taking her and the team around New Zealand!
See the dates of the tour here: https://www.nanogirllive.co.nz

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