17 December 2018

Innovation that is good for the world is the theme of Techweek19 here in New Zealand. In the lead up to Techweek we will be showcasing the successes and partnerships that have achieved just that – and this week is a company that is providing an incredibly unique skincare solution - ActivLayr.

Revolution Fibres

The Iguana” is a electrospinning machine which manufactures ActivLayr, a skin care product made by Auckland nanofibre producer Revolution Fibres.

“The Iguana is a fantastic collaboration between the best Kiwi minds from the science and engineering worlds. It allows Revolution Fibres to increase production to meet demand, but it also means we can grow the production of ActivLayr in New Zealand.”

The nanofibre manufacturing process starts with fishing company Sanford supplying hoki skins, from which pure collagen is extracted. Using the process of electrospinning in the Iguana, Revolution Fibres transforms the collagen into nanofibre. During the electrospinning process natural ingredients such as kiwifruit and grapes, and hyaluronic acid (an ingredient to help the skin retain moisture), are infused to create rolls of anti-aging ActivLayr. Needless to say our team here are VERY interested in trying out this new technology!

See more about ActivLayr here: https://activlayr.com


The New Zealand technology scene is at a very exciting stage, tech is a sector that we here at the NZICC keep a close eye on as it is one of New Zealand’s key sectors of competitive advantage globally. The team at Techweek run a huge programme of 287 events, over 9 days attended by 20,000 people from across the world.

The intention behind Techweek is simple – New Zealand’s technology and innovation sectors are growing rapidly, and Techweek fosters that growth by providing the national ecosystem with a week-long opportunity for connection and cross-pollination, and an independent platform through which to amplify New Zealand’s unique and inspiring innovation stories to the world.

There are two main categories for the Techweek19 events: ‘Inspire’ which include events for all New Zealanders who are interested in technology but don't know much about it, providing a safe space for discovery. These events might be expos, talks, panel discussions, product launches or demos. The second category is ‘Build Capability’ — designed to give your attendees some industry insights or knowledge that they can use in their workplaces and careers. These events are more likely to be workshops, hackathons or conferences designed for business owners, professionals and tertiary students. We will be following these events closely and the NZICC team will be attending several of these in May. Stay tuned for photos!

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