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01 June 2018


The annual MEETINGS tradeshow was held in Auckland, New Zealand on the 30 & 31 May. MEETINGS showcases the best of what New Zealand has to offer in the conference and incentive travel industry.

The team were at MEETINGS 2018 connecting with clients, suppliers and our industry partners and relished the opportunity to showcase the NZICC and the newly released artwork that will adorn the exterior of the building.

NZICC's stand MEETINGS 2018

Our stand this year highlighted samples of the fixtures and furnishings that will be in the centre, including glass panels from Sara Hughes’ glass installation and terracotta tiles from Peata Larkin’s 105m terracotta tile wall. The two artworks comprise 2,400sqm of glass over 550 panels that wrap around the top level of the NZICC, and 13,500 terracotta tiles that form a spine wall alongside the retail and dining laneway beside the new centre.

Garrick Loft at MEETINGS 2018
Garrick Loft, Senior Sales Manager - New Zealand talks to the interactive model of the NZICC at MEETINGS 2018

“MEETINGS is a fabulous opportunity to connect with clients, suppliers and industry peers, 2018 did not disappoint. The opportunity to showcase the NZICC and the newly launched art programme was immensely successful, receiving positive feedback on the glass façade and the surplus of natural light on offer at the NZICC. A steady stream of appointments kept us busy and entertained and we are now working on multiple leads for 2020 and beyond. Thank you to those who took the time to visit us and we look forward to working with you on future events,” says Tanya Dustin, Sales Manager – National Associations and Government.

We were fortunate to share the NZICC and precinct with a group of Australian hosted buyers and media during the busy MEETINGS schedule. We would like to think that this amazing view of the sun rising over Auckland City and the New Centre, helped to shape their perspective as we grow the large capacity conference market.

If you are interested in finding out more about the NZICC and/or the artwork that has recently been released, please contact one of our team.

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